Happy New Year!!

It’s here again! It seems like it was just a few months ago that we were bringing in 2016.

This year has brought a mix of many emotions for me and my family. We have had both good and difficult things happen.

In 2016, I received a promotion at work. I am very thankful for this past opportunity and am grateful for everyone’s support.

Our family lost two wonderful people this past year. Cris past away at beginning of 2016. Bob went home to be with the Lord in May. Our family misses them every day but we know they are in a better place.

Last summer, my brother and I were given the opportunity to be employed at First National Bank in Quitaque. This is proof of God’s continued faithfulness to my family because we lived with my grandmother only a month after Bob passed away. I am thankful to be a part of this wonderful bank.

Originally I was planning on moving to Quitaque in September after I got married, and travel back and forth to Lubbock everyday for work, which is about an hour and a half one way. Now, with working at the bank, I have an 8-mile round trip to work, and I am able to be apart of the community and get to know the wonderful residents of the surrounding area. I feel like I have won the lottery everyday. I am so thankful and always will be. Praise be to God!

Rodney and I got married in September of 2016 and had a dream wedding. We joined First Baptist Church which is the church that my parents met in and actually got married in.

Also Rodney’s dad, Rex got engaged to his girlfriend Shelly.

New Years Eve 2016

For New Years Eve, Rodney and I had our friends Jacob and Erika over. They brought Italian food from Mia’s Reasrurant in Plainview, Texas and then we went spotlighting.

We had been spotlighting for a couple of hours, and were driving down a county road when we heard a loud noise that came from the truck. We stopped and realized that the u-joint went out and dropped the rear drive shaft . Thankfully Rodney’s truck has 4-wheel drive, so we didn’t get stranded. He put the truck in 4-wheel drive and we called it a night.

We had a great time and look forward to hanging out again!

New Years Day 2016

On New Years Day, Rodney and I went to my grandmothers houseand ate lunch with my parents, brother and grandmother. We made sure that we ate some black eyed peas for good luck!

Later that afternoon went to see the movie Collateral Beauty. The movie was wonderful! I would recommend the movie to all adults.



That night Rodney and my dad went hunting and got a Bobcat! 


New Years Traditions

New Years always comes with different traditions that people have around the world.

In the south part of the US people eat black eyed peas for good luck.




In Spain if you can manage to stuff 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight you will have good luck the next year.




In India rice promises prosperity.





 In Switzerland they drop a dollop of cream on the floor for good luck!





 In France they kiss under the mistletoe at midnight and eat a stack of crepes for good luck.






In Porta Rico they throw pails of water out their windows to keep away the Evil Spirits.





In Bolivia straw dolls are hung outside their homes.






In Canada people jump in freezing water of the English Bay and swim in the Polar Bear Swim on New Years Day!





In Turkey people sprinkle salt on their doorstep at midnight to bring peace to their home.






In Columbia people carry suitcases on New Years Eve in hopes of having a traveled filled year.



 I think it is interesting seeing what other people do around the world for their New Years traditions.

All in all my family and I had a good day to start 2017. I look forward to seeing what this year brings!


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