Fuston Family Reunion

Last weekend Rodney and I attended the Fuston Family Reunion in Turkey.  There was a great turnout with around 80 family members who attended.

The Fustons have been in Turkey, Texas for over a century. Thomas Richardson Fuston was the first Fuston to move to Turkey back in 1904.  He married a lady named Anna Adelia Leckie in 1890 and they had ten children.  After many generations there is still a town full of Fustons.

Once a year the family gets together to reunite and catch up.  People will travel from all over to make the reunion.

Once everyone arrived on Saturday, we ate lunch.  It was “pot luck” so there was an enormous amount of food and desserts to devour!

After lunch, everyone went around the room and introduced themselves and explained who they belong to.  Between the young children and occasional new spouse there always seems to be a new face.

Over the next few hours everyone enjoyed socializing with loved ones, and shared stories with each other until the reunion came to an end.

It is extremely heart warming to be married into a family that makes you one of their own.  I had a wonderful time meeting new people and creating friendships.  I look forward to next year!

Here are some pictures of the day!

Group Photos 


Enjoying Family

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