Happy New Year!!

It's here again! It seems like it was just a few months ago that we were bringing in 2016. This year has brought a mix of many emotions for me and my family. We have had both good and difficult things happen. In 2016, I received a promotion at work. I am very thankful for … Continue reading Happy New Year!!

Christmas in the Country

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I love everything from the joy of anticipation, baby Jesus, family, Hallmark movies, cold weather, Christmas music, carols, magic, Santa, snow, Christmas trees, candies, excitement, Christmas lights, reindeer....I could go on forever!!! There is something truly special about this holiday that I look forward each year. This year, I started watching … Continue reading Christmas in the Country

Fuston Ladies Christmas Party

I hosted a Christmas party for the Fuston ladies that live around Turkey a couple of weeks ago at my house. When everyone started arriving we enjoyed snacking on Christmas sugar cookies, chocolate crackle cookies,  turkey and cranberry pinwheels, sun-dried tomato and basil pinwheels, and fruit.   We also had hot apple cider and coffee … Continue reading Fuston Ladies Christmas Party