Our Farm Kittens

We are not cat, snake or mice people.  The best way to minimize squeaky mice and slithery scaly snakes is to have cats if you live out in the country.

So, we bit the bullet and decided to get kittens.  Our knowledge of cats is bare minimum, so we know this journey is going to be an adventure.

We got some kittens from Rodney’s sweet cousin.  Here is a picture of the momma cat and her sweet babies.


Sassy is gray and white.   Her name is a full definition of her personality.  She is a little high maintenance and was born to be a house cat.  Sadly, she has to stay outside.

She is very small and always has one paw lifted up like a little lady.

She loves to dash in the house when you open the door and run under the bed.  She prances under the bed with attitude, “you can’t get me!”  She has mastered the trick of not letting us be able to grab her.


Oreo is black and white with the most loving heart.  He always wants to be loved on and enjoys being right by your side.

He is the dominant cat and was the first one (that we know of) that captured a mouse.

Oreo enjoys gopher hunting.  He will find a gopher hole and wait for it to pop up and grab it.  If he missed the gopher, he will reach his paw in the hole.  We don’t need to worry about treating gopher holes thanks to Oreo.


Dexter is black and definitely a male cat.  He will disappear for hours and come home with hay, cotton, dirt and grass all over him.  He is very patient and loving.

Dexter will sit on the window seal at night and I will not know he is there until I look up and see his green eyes staring into the kitchen.  Even at that you cannot see the outline of his body from the blending into the darkness.  It can be a little creepy!


Shadow was our forth kitty.  She was black with a stripe of white on her chest.  Sadly she passed away after a few months old.  Shadow was a sweet, shy and loving kitty.  She had a good life of chasing birds, playing in the cotton, climbing trees, and running around with her brothers and sister.  She is missed.

To be completely honest, we wanted cats that would be around the house to get mice, but would run away when we could go outside.  Rodney and I thought we would not see much of the kitties once they grew up to become cats.  Well….we were wrong!

Our kittens (cats now) hang around the house like magnets.  We got new furniture for the front porch and the kitties think it is theirs.  We have a spray bottle of water to remind them it is not their haven when we catch then on it.  It’s gotten to the point of when they see the spray bottle they disappear as fast as they can.

thumb_IMG_0323 (2)_1024

They love to play in the cotton and run in the field behind our house.  They like to greet us when we drive up or walk outside.

There have been two bobcats that have visited the house over the past couple of weeks.  The first bobcat chased Oreo up a tree and informed him that he was the King of cats around our area.  Oreo made it to the top of the tree and would not come down for at least an hour.  I think he learned his lesson!

The second bobcat was prancing on the side of the house one morning and frightened Dexter so much that he doubled in size due to his hair standing up all over his body.  Poor Dexter!

I have to say that I love our cats.  They make life in the country so much fun!  I love that they get to have such a wonderful life playing in the grass, visiting the cows while they eat cake, climbing trees and disappearing in the “jungle” whether it be cotton or rye.

Here are some pictures of Sassy, Oreo and Dexter on the farm!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little of our life on the farm with the kittens!

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