2017 Harvest

Harvest finished up in December of 2017 for Fuston and Sons Farms.  The weather made harvest go well, other than not getting a freeze when needed, which delayed harvest for a few weeks because some of the early dry land didn't want to open up. We feel blessed and fortunate for the crop that we … Continue reading 2017 Harvest

Fall Update on the 2017 Crop

It's been awhile but I want to give an update on the Cotton Crop. It has been a tough season.  However, we are fortunate for what we have in our current crop production. We will take a look back on the growing season to where we are today! Where we left off the last crop … Continue reading Fall Update on the 2017 Crop

Mule Deer Study around the Caprock

One thing Rodney and I enjoy is taking a drive in the country.  Looking at God's beautiful scenery is one of "His" most magnificent creations. About nine months ago, Rodney and I came across a field that had approximately fifty mule deer that were grazing on wheat.  We stopped to watch the deer play around and prance.  The deer appeared to … Continue reading Mule Deer Study around the Caprock