New Baby Calves

There are many new baby calves on the farm.  We have black babies, white faced babies, red babies and even a set of twins.

Each calf is absolutely adorable!

When the momma cows are ready to give birth, they find a place in the brush where they feel comfortable to deliver.  The cow will keep the baby in the brush for a few days for protection.  This is called “stashing.”

A newborn calf sleeps a lot.  While the baby calf is asleep, the momma cow will roam away from the baby to feed and drink water.  It is important for the cow to take care of herself so that she is able to provide milk for her baby.

There are typically baby calves all throughout the year on the farm.  The bull is with the cows at all times, so you never know when a baby will appear.

Most of the cows on the farm are pretty calm and not too wild.  They are use to seeing cars drive by, seeing us around the house, and being fed.

“Babysitting” is a term for cows who will watch over other calves while their mom is eating.  This happens quite often on the farm.  There will be a cow with a group of babies hanging out and playing together. All the momma cows are caring of babies, even if it is not their calf.

I love going out to the cow pasture to see if there are any new baby calves.  It is one of my favorite things to do on the farm.  I feel so blessed that God has placed me on the farm.  I can grasp His beautiful creations in many different ways.  I would not trade my life for anything!

Here are the most recent sweet baby calves!

image3 (2)157617image4 (2)144image2 (2)image1 (2)123075127616156101054059072070103171134919310971801100159610008034 (2)027011034035052



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