The Skunk Named Flower

One afternoon, Rodney and I came across a field of wild flowers in the middle of the country.  We were gazing at the beautiful flowers, when we spotted a black and white fuzzy animal walking towards us smelling the flowers.  It was a skunk that I named Flower. The skunk, Flower, was enjoying the afternoon … Continue reading The Skunk Named Flower

Pre-Season Cotton Preparation

Preparation for the 2017 cotton crop has been underway for the last couple of months with Fuston & Sons Farms.  I never realized how much preparation went into getting the field ready for planting. Fuston & Sons Farms uses two systems on the irrigated and a portion of the dry land, which are No-Till and … Continue reading Pre-Season Cotton Preparation

Mule Deer Study around the Caprock

One thing Rodney and I enjoy is taking a drive in the country.  Looking at God's beautiful scenery is one of "His" most magnificent creations. About nine months ago, Rodney and I came across a field that had approximately fifty mule deer that were grazing on wheat.  We stopped to watch the deer play around and prance.  The deer appeared to … Continue reading Mule Deer Study around the Caprock