My Dream Wedding

Friday, September 30, 2016 was the day that my life changed in a wonderful way forever.  Rodney and I got married at the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The chapel is absolutely breathtaking, and you can feel the presence of the Lord when you open the doors.  I first laid my eyes on the chapel while watching a television show.  I immediately fell in love with it, and from that moment on I knew I wanted to get married there.

Eureka Springs is an old, historic town built on the side of a mountain in the middle of the Ozarks.  There are horse-drawn carriage rides, shopping, and even ghost tours in the town.

My bridesmaids and I stayed at Mount Victoria Bed and Breakfast.  We really enjoyed being able to hang out together the night before the wedding and have some girl time.


The Mount Victoria Bed and Breakfast


We got up early on the day of the wedding and had a delicious brunch on the balcony.  Breakfast consisted of pork loin on a baked egg with toast topped with hollandaise sauce.  It was out of this world!

Katie, Allison and Natalie

Erika and Jamie

Eggs Benedict-Served with Grilled Pork Tenderlion.  It was amazing!

The owners of the Bed and Breakfast have two cats, Ping and Pong, that roam the lawns.  Here is Pong wanting a bite of my food.

Snacks were peanut chocolate chip cookies.  They were so good I had one…maybe two!

I want this recipe!

After brunch Erika, my matron of honor, gave me a foot message before we started getting ready.  She is the best!  Jamie and Cali were laughing at Erika being funny.


Now, to the wedding!  Dum dum da dum!!

The sunset service began at 7:30.  Pictures were taken eairler in the day on the beautiful lawns at the Crescent Hotel.

Once we finished with all the pictures at the Crescent Hotel we headed over to the church.  Just before the ceremony I had a precious moment with my mom and dad.  We were able to laugh and hug before I became a married woman.  They gave me my dream wedding and I could not be more thankful!

After all the guests were seated, I stood by myself at the beginning of the path that lead to the chapel and experienced an unforgettable moment.  I gazed at the chapel as I felt like I was dreaming.  I could not believe that I was standing before this amazing home of the Lord about to marry the love of my life.  I could see bright lights glowing through every window and realized that all my loved ones were in the chapel supporting Rodney and me.   It was overwhelming and surreal in the most wonderful way possible.  I felt like the luckiest person in the world and I could not thank God enough.

I walked down the path and met up with my dad.  He had two hats to wear during the ceremony. He walked me down the isle and married us as well.   We looked at each other and said “Let’s do this” and started walking.  I remember looking at everyone while I walked down the isle to my groom and feeling the love from everyone around me.  I approached Rodney and to my surprise his dad, Rex, stepped up on the podium in front of us.  My dad then stood next to him and gave me away, then Rex gave Rodney away.  Neither Rodney nor I knew this was going to happen!  It was so special for everyone and something I will never forget.  Rex sat down after he gave Rodney away and we proceeded with the ceremony.  Guests were able to enjoy a string quartet playing classical music.  Camille sang The Lords Prayer while we lit the unity candle.  It was magical.

The Ozark room at the Basin Park Hotel was the location of the romantic reception. White linens on the tables had beautiful greenery draping down the sides with candles and lanterns nestled along the top.

The food was decedent. H’orderves highlighted the menu including pineapple chicken, crab cakes, and brochettes.  From the appearance to the aroma the food was fabulous. Each h’orderve was unique and perfect for the occasion.  I’ve always heard that the bride and groom do not get to eat the food at their reception,  but we were lucky to get a taste of it all!

The wedding cake was a three tier traditional cake. The bottom tier was white cake that was extremely moist and probably the best white cake I have ever tasted. The second tier was Italian cream. This is Rodney’s favorite cake and I thought it was be a good suprise for him. The top tier is red velvet which we are saving it for our first year anniversary.  I have inherited my moms love for red velvet cake.  The outside of the cake was white buttercream with hand written words all over it that describe us and our relationship.  It was the most beautiful wedding cake I have ever seen…but I’m a little partial.

Rodney’s cake was a delicious German chocolate cake. His table was a wonderful display that describes Rodney. It was a mix between Rodney’s love of being a cotton farmer and hunting. There were cotton stems in a vase and a picture of Rodney when he got a white-tailed buck, which is hanging on our living room wall right now.  Rodney’s sister in law, Crystal, decorated his grooms table with other members of his family. It turned out to be a wonderful touch to our reception.

After we cut the cake and made another round around the warm, cozy room thanking our loved ones for sharing this time with us we left for our honeymoon at the Big Cedar Lodge.

Needless to say I enjoyed every moment of my dream wedding and would not change anything about it!  My parents gave me more that I deserve and more than I could have ever imagined of having.  I appreciate all that they did and will always be grateful!

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