Sunday Craziness

I was excited about our first Sunday at home after the wedding.  I had everything planned from noon to supper that evening.  I quickly learned that life on the farm can have unexpected interruptions.

Growing up my mom made a roast for Sunday lunch most of the time, and we would have hash for supper with the leftover roast. It was something my family looked forward to and we made many memories at the table together. I decided to start this tradition in my new home and was eager to see what Rodney thought of it.

Saturday night I started prepping the roast. I rinsed the carrots, cut the potatoes, and sliced a sweet onion and put them in the crockpot. Then I seared the outside of a chuck roast and placed it on the vegetables.  I turned on the crockpot and went to bed dreaming of the wonderful lunch we would have.

I woke up to the aroma of meat and vegetables cooking in the kitchen and I knew it was going to be a fabulous day! I walked in the kitchen to turn on the coffee and heard Rodney’s phone ring. It was his brother who informed him that they had cows that were out of the fence. Rodney informed me that he was going to put them back in the fence and be back in enough time to get ready for church. Everything was good…or so I thought.

I was almost ready for church when Rodney walked in the back door and said that their cattle weren’t out, but that someone else cattle had roamed in their fence.  He wasn’t sure how many but it looked to be about twenty head.  Since Rodney was not going to be able to go now I decided to meet my grandmother at church and let Rodney, his dad, and brother figure out the cattle.

After church, I got to the house and Rodney was in the living room.  He told me that they found the owners of the cattle and that there were fifty eight head that had decided to come make friends with our cattle! I was shocked. That is a lot of cows! As he finished telling me the story,  I noticed the owners coming up the dirt road to the house.  Rodney apologized and said that he had to go help them and that he would have to eat lunch after they finished.

Here are the cows in the back yard

Approximately thirty minutes later Rodney walked in the house relieved that the task was over, and that the cows were on their way back home.  After all the chaos Rodney, his dad, and brother decided to purchase a bull from the owners of the cows.  Its funny how things work out.  The saying “everything happens for a reason” really works in this case!

We finally were able to sit down and enjoy a late lunch.  That evening I prepared hash the way my mom made it when I was growing up, and Rodney said that he liked it better than the roast itself.  I would say it was a successful Sunday, even though it was a little crazy!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Craziness

  1. That’s just a taste of what farm life can be like. It seems when days were planned to the T something always changed the plans. You just lean to roll with the bumps in the plan.❤️


  2. As a farmers wife of 23 years I have learned—never make plans and if you do—they will quickly change, always have a bag packed for when your farmer comes in the back door and says LETS GO (especially in the summer if it rains)—and learn to live day to day…I also have learned hard work pays off, from May to August is the busiest for a farmer (make no plans) from November until harvest is done (make no plans) but all the other times is great! They are the most hard working men I know and love seeing what all they can make grow in our community! God Bless the Farmers and the Farmers Wives!!

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