The Skunk Named Flower

One afternoon, Rodney and I came across a field of wild flowers in the middle of the country.  We were gazing at the beautiful flowers, when we spotted a black and white fuzzy animal walking towards us smelling the flowers.  It was a skunk that I named Flower.

The skunk, Flower, was enjoying the afternoon just as much as we were.  Flower seemed to be having the time of her life going from one end of the road to the other.

I admit that I will avoid a skunk any time I see one, but this time was the exception to that rule.  Flower was the sweetest skunk I had ever seen and I could not take my eyes off of her.

It’s funny how an animal can be so smelly, yet enjoy the fragrance of a flower.  It goes to show that everyone likes the sweet things in life from time to time.

image2 (2)image12 (2)image13 (2)image10 (2)

Here comes Flower, the Skunk.image5 (2)image11 (2)image7 (2)image4 (2)image9 (2)image8 (2)

Watching animals in their habitat is so enjoyable even when I least expect it!



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