Love you, Daddy

When I think of my daddy so many wonderful memories come to mind.

I remember my mom taking me to my daddy’s office at the church and I would go through all the music in his office. I would pretend that the choir was in front of me and I would pretend to direct the choir, just like he did so many times! I loved looking through the hymns and singing them as loud as I could!

Sunday mornings I would sit with the choir before Sunday School and imagine that I was as big as they were!  One Sunday, my dad was singing the special music as a solo and I was belting it along with him. People were looking at me and I was thinking “what are you looking at me for”. Then I realized my daddy was singing by himself and I was instantly embarrassed! My daddy always had his church keys in his right pocket. I could hear him walking anytime he was remotely close by. People would tell me that my dad was rich because it sounded like he has lots of change in his pocket!

As I got older I would always want to go to places with my daddy. I knew that we could stop by the convenience store and get a Coke and a candy bar. It was always so much fun!

When I was in High School I would go home every day at lunch and eat with my dad. He would watch Unsolved Mysteries while we ate. It was “our time”.

My daddy has taught me so much throughly my life and I am still learning things though him today. My dad made sure that I learned how to tie a tie to help my future husband, how to shake hands with a firm grip, how to always smile even though the tough times, and how to treat people kind not matter who they are, and how to love and respect senior citizens.

My dad has a special way with people, especially senior citizens. Because of him I love and respect older people and have so many memories with them growing up.

A few years ago my dad felt the Lord calling him to step down from the church. He did not know what the future held for him or our family, but he knew that this was Gods will and that it was all going to be ok. He resigned from the church and did what God told him to do. The next few months were difficult for him and our family because the future was still uncertain.

Over July 4th weekend my dad got a call from the school and went in for a interview for an IT Specialist job. (Over the years my dad volunteered helping people in the community with their computers and it became a part time thing he did to help people solely with his spare time). He got the position at the school district and knew that God blessed him with the job. I learned that no matter how hard something is, listen to what the Lord is telling you because he knows all!

My daddy is someone I look up to and talk to every day. I would not be the person I am today without him. I am one lucky girl!

One thought on “Love you, Daddy

  1. Beautiful story of life with your dad. I know he is proud of you! This is the first time I’ve seen this picture on my computer and it’s even more beautiful than on my phone! Love you,Rodney & Randy.

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