Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween has been fun, creepy, and even a little spooky.

Between shopping for candy, looking for the perfect decorations, baking pies, watching Hocus Pocus too many times, and fighting the urge to eat a caramel apple every time I turn around, this Fall season has been very busy!  This is my favorite season and I look forward to it all year!

Decorating for Halloween is almost as fun as Halloween night to me.

Here is some of my decor for this year!

I work at the local bank here below the Cap and each year all the employees dress up in costumes.  This tradition has been going on for many years!  This year is no different.  Here is a look at everyone!

It is always a great time having fun and dressing up one day out of the year!  The customers seem to enjoy seeing everyone dressed up.

Rodney and I had some friends over for a Spooky Halloween Party over the weekend. We had a blast and always enjoy getting together.

Last but not least, Trick Or Treaters stopped by the house for some treats!

All in all it was a great Halloween!  I absolutely LOVE living in such a wonderful community and enjoy celebrating with great people!


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