Fall Update on the 2017 Crop

It’s been awhile but I want to give an update on the Cotton Crop.

It has been a tough season.  However, we are fortunate for what we have in our current crop production.

We will take a look back on the growing season to where we are today!

Where we left off the last crop was up and going besides a few thin stands everything was looking well.

The wet weather that delayed the crops quickly turned into a dry summer shortly after the crops emerged.

The pivots were turned on and stayed on for much of the summer.

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The irrigated responded well to the warm weather and the new herbicide helped keep the fields clean.

Dry Land:


Irrigated Fields:145143007 (1)142129125056 (2)033

A process called “blooming” takes place.  That is when white flowers grow on the stem where the cotton will form.


Once the flower has bloomed, it pollinates and turns pink.


The pink flower quickly turns purple and dies.


When the purple flower is in the process of dying, a cotton boll is growing under it.


The boll is where the cotton is growing and will open up in time.

Here are some pictures of the flowers on the plants.


While looking at the plants, I found a ladybug on a leaf.  Ladybugs are actually beneficial to the plant because they prey on insects that might hurt the cotton.


As we move into the Fall, we are hoping for warm, dry weather.  The irrigated has matured and looks nice.   The dry land is a mixture of mature and early cotton.  We are praying we do not have a early freeze!

The recent rains and cool weather have delayed defoliation, but the crops are getting close to being sprayed.

Here is cotton that is ready for defoliation.


This is the latest update, a lot of new and exciting changes to the plants coming soon!


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