Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a day that we Americans have the privilege and honor to celebrate our nation with our families.  Freedom is something I take for granted and this time of year is always a good reminder to be extra thankful.  A BIG thanks to all the men and women who have served … Continue reading Fourth of July

The Red Plate Tradition

My family has a special tradition that has been around for many generations.  It started with my great-great aunt, Christine. When a family member has a special event or has done something outstanding a red plate will be placed before him or her to use.  It is a ruby red plate that is absolutely beautiful. … Continue reading The Red Plate Tradition

Mule Deer Study around the Caprock

One thing Rodney and I enjoy is taking a drive in the country.  Looking at God's beautiful scenery is one of "His" most magnificent creations. About nine months ago, Rodney and I came across a field that had approximately fifty mule deer that were grazing on wheat.  We stopped to watch the deer play around and prance.  The deer appeared to … Continue reading Mule Deer Study around the Caprock